Hanging from the master’s tree

Hanging from the masters’ tree:

Dedicated to the greatest teachers that life can give us.

Like a true teacher, you set an example and repeat it over and over again with love and naturalness, letting me understand what I need.
You have no other means and I probably wouldn’t understand anyway.
I no longer found you by my side, I turned to look for you and you were there, almost motionless a few steps behind me.
Well hidden from my thoughts, in a single moment of wonder, there was the most important of the teachings, which alas passed like smoke in the wind without leaving any trace.
In passing I saw your eyes overflowing with amazement and in that moment, like dozens of other times, a dialogue that never took place took shape:


“What happens, why did you stop there?”

“Daddy come, I’ll show you”

“Tell me baby what did you see?”

“But did you notice that leaf?”

“What leaf are you talking about?”

“The one that fell a moment ago, look at the one on top of the others!”

“Yes, yes, but I don’t understand, did something particular happen? Because so many leaves fall. “

“Many will fall, but none will do it like the one there”

“So what’s so special about that leaf?”

“Nothing, but if you had watched it fall! You know it felt like we were on a boat, it moved around and then we also did a ride upside down. But I wasn’t afraid, you know, because she was so light and calm that I could almost hear her laughing! Maybe if I give you my hand you can stop here with me, we can do some laps together and maybe hear them sing! “

“Yes, maybe next time, now we have to go by”

“Because? here is everything we need now. ”

“Yes, (I) don’t understand, let’s go, otherwise it’s getting late”

“Late for what? (Okay, maybe I can’t explain to you, let’s go.) “

And so what I don’t even imagine is interrupted. But just a few steps and hope is rekindled behind a smile:

“Hey dad you noticed too true “

“No, what should I have noticed?”

“We took three steps, I mean THREE STEPS!”

“Yes, and before evening comes we will do many more, even if I have some doubts now …”

“The first foot went a bit on its own because there had to be a small pebble that wanted to be heard, otherwise why would it have been there? At the second step I was good, I avoided that line with the sad face, even if to do it I put my foot wrong and I felt a small ant climb up in the middle of my back. I should check, I would never take her away from her home. But the third step dad, that was incredible “

“And what ever happened to this third blessed step?”

“I realized that every time I put my foot down, something different happens, something unique and inimitable! But did you understand dad? three different steps! There will never be a third step like this again, I should put it in a jar! “

“Come on please let’s go, we have so many things to do”

“(Why? Who knows what on earth we should do that is so important. But wait, I have an idea, maybe this way I can make you think.)
Dad dad, stop just a moment, but did you look at those clouds up there? “

“Yes, I’ve seen them. (Of course, but maybe I haven’t looked at them)”

“Why are they there?”

“There are because in nature there are processes through which water is bla bla bla bla …”

(“Even so I didn’t succeed, but why don’t you listen to me? Yet it all seems clear and natural to me, it can’t be otherwise. But then maybe I’m not as good as I think. I’m starting to feel a bit scared, something does moves inside, I feel my whole body stiff, I would like to scream but, no! I still don’t give up. “)

This is what I more or less would have said or could have said. But if only I had perceived a small part of that immense lesson that had just been given to me, my answer should have looked like this:

“I do not know. I don’t know why there are those clouds with that shape right in front of us right now, but if you like we can sit down for a moment and let them tell us that story we need right now “


“Good dad, not bad, I was hoping so much to be able to do it, I knew you would understand. You know, we really need it, let us hug you and hold me tight. Do you hear? We are breathing … ”

A few years later that hand, patient bearer of so many truths, was there again, a few steps behind me. This time, however, he was desperately seeking help.
A new moment, another dialogue never made:

“Daddy wait for me, give me your hand please”

“What happens baby”

“I’m afraid, a lot”

“And what are you so terrified of?”

“I’m not sure what it is, but look! Look how much everything is running. Everything around us moves with such speed that I don’t know what to look at anymore. I turn around trying to understand, to take something to be able to look at it but I can’t. I get so much stomach ache, I’m afraid and a great desire to cry. Please hug me “

“Don’t worry. This is life, that’s how it works, you’ll get used to it. “

“But how can I get used to it? I see things go by but it is as if everything were transparent! With all this noise, I don’t even hear if my heart is still beating, my breath is laboring, it no longer accompanies me. I have to get used to it. But what if you weren’t so fast? What if you can’t do everything a race, a race? Daddy please hold me tight, stop everything, let’s sit and look at the clouds like that time. Please dad “

“But don’t worry you will see that you will succeed, you will see that you will learn, you will see that….
NO NO NO, wait a moment, why does it have to be?
You were born with the same naturalness as a small plant, and like her you have the same right to live. With the natural rhythm that leads a flower to be exactly what it is, nothing more and nothing less.
Forgive me my child, I am transforming you into a thing that you are not, exactly as I do with everything else, and without even having a valid reason. I cannot and do not want to use you anymore. Thanks baby, thanks for what you’re doing, thanks for still being here with me. I was so busy, so distracted that I didn’t notice anything, not even you. Forgive me…
Forgive me all … if you can “

“Don’t cry dad, I love you. Now we’re here, you just have to hold me tight. ”

November 20 is the international day of the rights of children and adolescents.
Many are busy working on national and international projects with the aim of trying to guarantee these rights all over the world, even in those parts that are sometimes so “difficult” to see.

Perhaps we adults will not be able to give the right life to all children, but as they grow up they will be able to.
Let them free to express what was given to them by nature. We share our history, discoveries and hopes with them, interfering as little as possible.
We spread in their minds the conviction that if we focus more on the beauty of our world, on the joy of living according to our own being, everything becomes possible.
As we all know by now, children learn much more from what they see than what they hear. Then the best way is to act in the same direction as the teaching you want to give.

To remind us of how important it is to take care of these infinite teachers, L’albero delle little hands is born in Cuneo.
Thanks to the idea born of the “I girasoli” team, each nursery school in the municipality will display a tree on which the handprints of their little members will be hung.
But it does not end there, because each image will bring with it an inscription concerning a small positive thing of this last period.
The whole family will thus have the opportunity to turn their thoughts on something beautiful and useful, with the hope that it will become a daily practice.

Where attention is concentrated, reality is created!

As in Cuneo, in many other countries projects will be made to support this important day.
We would very much like to be able to collect images of these works to disseminate them through our channels.
Please, if you are part of a structure that adheres to the project, or you have a child who will participate, send us photos of the work that will come out together, it will help us to support this good cause once more!

Another great little magic is underway! Thanks!

We thank Paola Pinna, one of the guardians of the little masters, for having communicated this important initiative to us.


There are no great discoveries or real progress as long as there is an unhappy child on earth.

Albert Einstein

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