Our Philosophy


Our philosophy, for the H.A.N.D.project, is to give you ONLY positive news.

No, we are not crazy.

We know there are still many problems; we are not fools who believe only in the positive aspect of life.
But you’re already bombarded with that news every day, all day. We strive to create something new, for us and for others.
This is why the H.A.N.D. or, better said, Have A Nice Day (“Have a nice day”).
Only positive news: not because only Good exists. But because that’s where we want to focus our attention more.


Because where energies turn, actions are born which create reality.
Having said that, I entrust you to this story. That will tell you everything else.


Have a nice day!

“But is it really all here?
Shouldn’t happiness and joy be part of our life at all times?”

“Are you afraid, sir?”

“Yes, yes I am afraid. I’m afraid there is nothing else.

“Maybe Lord is right to be afraid. Maybe it’s really all here. Maybe we are just particles that by joining together have created what we are now and that, once dead, will each go their own way to create something different.
But at the same time, isn’t this a miracle?
For a child, isn’t a flower born a magic?
Do not particles that join and bind together to form an animal or a human being create magic?
Isn’t it a miracle to be here and have the ability to communicate, think, dream and be afraid?
Then I ask you, Lord – as long as that’s what you want, of course – what would make her feel better, be happy and live with joy?
To believe that it is only chemistry and physics or to think that, despite science, all this still remains a wonderful miracle?
If you think you are a cluster of molecules, then what sense would it be to behave well, follow the rules, respect others, nature, be afraid, etc...
But IF, however, believes in the miracle, well, then he must live it, he must defend it and spread it. If she is a miracle, then everything around her is also. If he thinks so, he will quickly wonder what his role is in all this: why is he here?
Should he learn some lessons? Do you have to feel some emotion? Pass some exams?
Difficult to say. Maybe everything and maybe nothing.
Maybe everyone has his own way, or maybe not.But if she is here and miraculously, then this must necessarily have a purpose, otherwise it would not have happened.
A miracle never happens for a trivial reason. It makes no difference to the world if she gets up in the morning and goes to work, watches television, goes out with friends, travels or who knows what other things.
A miracle happens because something big can be done, something useful, something that causes a spark to ignite. If you are a miracle in a world of miracles, then you have to make your contribution, otherwise it would be just a mass of particles.”

“Thanks Robert!”

“You’re welcome, sir.”