Duty-free and the 8 billion secrets.

Duty-free and the secret 8 billion could almost be the title of a spy movie. In fact, in this story ...
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Soul Kitchen: eating without paying

Soul Kitchen is an initiative of the JBJ Soul Foundation where, those in need can eat without paying. The name ...
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Carlo Olmo, 60 thousand Euros to let the children of families affected by COVID-19 study

The Vercellese lawyer was the first to make a donation to the “Thecontinua dream” fund launched by the Upo Alumni ...
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Technology and nature: the meeting between the plane and the owl

Take a cue from the silent flight of the barbagianni to create quieter aircraft. This is a new technological challenge ...
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If everything were like a little grain of sand

If everything were like a little grain of sand. we should look or listen very carefully, to discover and amaze ...
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The largest and most successful international cooperation agreement. There seems to be some good news regarding the ozone hole. In ...
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Starry night on Vaadhoo beach Yet I am not dreaming! I don’t even think I’ve had a lot of drinking, ...
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A student makes masks for the deaf for free

A student makes masks for the deaf for free Kentucky student Ashley Lawrence is sewing with her mother to help ...
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Ethiopia plants 350 million trees. In 12 hours.

Ethiopia plants 350 million trees. In 12 hours. The Ethiopian government’s strategy aims to combat deforestation and the effects of ...
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There is a time for everything..

Before it was time to evolve materially and mentally, to constuct, to create, to make profits, to amass and consume.

Now it’s time to slow down, to look around, to use all the good we have done and thought with our extraordinary minds to live in harmony with life itself.

Our purpose is to disclose as much as possible what many have already begun to do in all fields and worldwide, to give someone the opportunity to get some ideas for their life or, simply, to start the day well.

Every problem has already been solved somewhere!


We are aware of how many difficult issues still exist and how much suffering is present in the world, but this should not slow down or limit our desire to live, on the contrary.

We are convinced that if we turn our attention to beauty and what useful we can do, then our days will be better.

All plot so that our wishes are realized.

For this reason H.A.N.D. was born, namely Have A Nice Day: Share happy and joyful news, because nobody will do it for us. This is our philosophy..

Do you want to be part of it?

You just start reading from most recent articles below.

See you soon,

H.A.N.D.’s Staff