Why could we together be our opportunity?

Why could HAND be your opportunity?

There are times when everything seems to go wrong, days crumpled into infinite and solid disappointments. News, discoveries, shadows and discontent that seem to wait a moment of quiet to unleash that icy claw loaded with poison. Everything is paralyzed.

There are times when it’s not that bad, things seem to more or less work out. Yet, letting the breath free, something presses.

The words reveal in which of the infinite places the mind is directed, and each time it arrives in that space it brings as a gift a new load of lifeblood.

Who is responsible for choosing where to guide them?

As we often repeat, to get out of a loop of negative thoughts, of which we are often not even aware, sometimes it is necessary to force your hand a little.

Maybe even initially forcing oneself to actively deal with projects through which thoughts are forced to turn to topics concerning beauty, joy, hope and opportunity.

Before long, the world will begin to seem like a very different place from what you used to see.

Sometimes, however, it is not so easy to be able to apply and stay focused for the time necessary to create an effective change. Especially if you are trying to do it yourself.

Especially if you try to do it yourself. Probably one of the best things you can do is to make a little commitment to other people. But even here if you are not moved by true passion it could be extremely difficult to be able to carry it out for the necessary period.

That’s why together we could be our chance!

Imagine being able to actively collaborate with us by working on a specific topic that you are most passionate about: nature, animals, science, education or other.

Imagine being able to write or collaborate in the drafting of articles (search for news, check the sources, put together the necessary documentation) that concern exactly what you love and that you care most, through which you can give hope or ignite curiosity and give examples of what can be done.

This of course would lead you to have to document yourself, to try to understand what is really happening around you, to have to deepen your knowledge even more.

Just like you, others, with whom you can compare and support, are doing the same work on different topics.

At this point it is no longer imagination, because thanks to these articles written with your particular way of telling, or even only with your documentation, the project grows and creates other groups in various countries of the world.

Within each of these there is a person who deals with the same topic as you, with the same passion as you and with access to information that, even if only by geographical distance or by language, would be difficult for you to find. .

Of course, he would be the one to write the article for his country, perhaps even with your contribution, but it would be you who would have to rework it or collaborate in drafting it for the place where you live.

Now the world around you has transformed!

Yes, because your knowledge has expanded directly, with information and experiences gained in various parts of the world, with a broad thought always aimed at solutions, opportunities and collaboration. But not only!

By signing or collaborating in the drafting of these articles your professionalism and credibility have grown.

Through these acknowledgments and the international group that has come to be created, you can think of developing new projects and promoting activities that can really improve things.

If if you have read this far and think that this could be a good opportunity for you and for your future and you want to know more, contact us, we will be happy to talk about it and discuss it!

However, if you think it is a useful initiative, share this article so that you can give someone else this chance!

Where attention is concentrated, reality is created!

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