Another thirty thousand trees: a greener and fresher Turin

Several interventions together with the European Investment Bank in the plan to combat climate change 

Note: the images are not from Turin

Thirty thousand new trees: these are the ones that will be planted in Turin within the year. And this will be only the first step in a complex project to make the city greener, thanks to a program of interventions defined by the Municipality with the EIB (European Investment Bank). This is the "plan for adaptation to climate change", launched by the municipal administration to limit the effects of global warming in the metropolitan area and financially supported through the agreement signed a month ago by the Turin mayor Chiara Appendino and the vice president of Bei, Dario Scannapieco.

With these resources, in addition to the planting of trees (after the intervention will be 116,500 those under the Mole, 62,000 along the large cross roads), the creation of green roofs on the buildings will be encouraged, the energy efficiency of schools and public buildings will be guaranteed, work will start to secure the banks of the rivers and the hills, and some roads will be redone with a mantle capable of absorbing heat and draining water. There are multiple concrete objectives, two main ones: to refresh the city streets with new green lungs against the now almost tropical temperatures (2.3 degrees higher than the maximum in recent years), and to have streets and avenues that do not become rivers when, as happens more and more frequently, storms are unleashed, those violent water bombs, especially in highly urbanized areas, also caused by the profoundly changed climate.

The officials of the EIB will not only allocate resources for this project, but will also act as consultants to follow the municipal technicians in the implementation of the various measures and to evaluate their effects. In this way, the green reconversion of the city could feed itself, attracting other European structural funds. For the moment, the collaboration between the Municipality and the Investment Bank will last three years: Turin is the first Italian city to experiment this path, while on a continental level Vienna was the first capital to start the project.

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