Next stop… Bees!

article made by Alberto Franchino, which we thank!

Sometimes it’s exciting how a wonderful idea you find easily implemented with incredible results.

Nature and animals do not bear a grudge, they know how to adapt and are always ready to reach out to man: it is enough to “invite” them, without raising barriers. This is how in Utrecht, a town of about 340 thousand inhabitants in the bowels of the Netherlands, they have invented to transform the roofs of bus stops into raised gardens, real “hotels” for bees. A minor pilot project? It would be said no since the canopies affected are more than 300 (one for every 1000 inhabitants) and that the plan, as a whole, has been studied in detail, without approximation: choice of plants particularly resistant and in need of very little attention, neon lighting powered by photovoltaic panels, gradual insertion of electric buses (energy coming from windmills, and how it could be differently?!? , bamboo benches. This provides a suitable habitat for bees and insects in the city context, imprisons fine dusts through vegetation, pollutes less and promotes biodiversity.

What do you like about all this?

The fact that the bee, which has become an emblematic symbol of the habitability of the earth and an unmistakable sign of the quality of the environment, is increasingly the focus of the attention of the world community. Some examples? Mc Donald’s in Sweden, on the roofs of multiple locations, has installed beehives, also devising – as described by the communication agency that follows the American giant, the North DDB – a hive in the shape of fast food with corporate colors and logo sign clearly visible. Among the many VIPs who have embraced the cause of beekeeping, among others – the actor Morgan Freeman and Flea, historical bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, both engaged with their respective private apiaries.

Finally, the “presidential pasts” of bees, brought by First Lady Michelle in the gardens of the White House, when Barack Obama was in charge of the country, should be emphasized. Bees are our allied, and it’s not that hard to live with! The next stop… it’s just the beginning of a beautiful journey with nature!

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