Soul Kitchen: eating without paying

Soul Kitchen is an initiative of the JBJ Soul Foundation where, those in need can eat without paying.

The name of the foundation begins with these three letters JBJ, the acronym of Jon Bon Jovi, exactly, he, the famous singer, together with his wife, are the founders of this beautiful and important reality!

I’m not just going to be a face in the crowd. from it’s my life

The foundation’s home page states that their mission is to counteract, break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Have you ever thought you could find a little place in difficulty that you have trouble putting together a meal for yourself or your family? In this society I think that almost no one can rule out this kind of problem for himself, for his children or his grandchildren.

Soul Kitchen is born from Jon’s ability to put himself in the shoes of other people, boys, girls, women and men with needs that are light years away from what might be his.

The initiative comes to life when the singer learns that, food insecurity is a critical problem for many college kids: “Students already have so much to worry about, that of the meal should not be on their list”

So, by making arrangements with Rutgers University-Newark in the United States, the foundation kicked off this new restaurant of possibilities. On the menu there are no prices and everyone can leave a small contribution depending on their possibilities.

If you can’t contribute financially, you can always help by helping out in the kitchen, as a waiter or in the garden. Yes, because another of the characteristics of these restaurants is self-production and zero km.

The restaurant for students in need isn’t the only one launched by the JBJ Soul Foundation, and it’s actually not even the first. Two more were born in New Jersey. In these places, with an hour’s work, you are entitled to a meal for yourself and for your family.

Jon Bon Jovi declares himself a good dishwasher and a bad cook but: “Forget fries and burgers! JBJ Soul Kitchen also offers high-quality, organic and many vegetarian foods.”

To date, as you can read on the official website page (here the link), the JBJ Soul Kitchen has already served more than 120,000 meals. This was possible thanks to the volunteering and donations of the many supporters.

With this initiative Jon Bon Jovi, and of course all his staff, have actively helped many people, including those affected by Hurricane Sandy. His first restaurant was born there.

“If you can’t do what you normally do… then do what you can!”, these are the words of the singer who, during this period of difficulty because of the virus crown, gave a hand to his staff washing the dishes.

A beautiful reality that could be recreated in so many parts of our beautiful planet.

The singer is not new to the genre, in fact he helped build many houses for war veterans. The project is named after Walter Reed and can accommodate nearly 300 veterans.

Something similar had already been done way back in 1989, creating a facility to accommodate the poor of all ages and homeless JBJ Soul Homes

These are just some of the singer’s many initiatives.

For more good news you can go here.

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Let’s close this article on the notes of a piece of music with intense vibrations…. the ones we like.

It’s my life

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