If you think like us too ….


If you think like us too ….


If you also think like us, let’s get in touch! We are looking for people who want to collaborate with us and with our project:
HAND have a nice day

We at HAND see it like this, as the written highlighted on our home page says:

Let’s just give ourselves a good day.

It all starts here.

For us that GIVING is very important because it is WE who have the power to direct our attention where we want! If you think about it this is one of the very few things that we can truly have complete control over, and it can make all the difference in the world!

Where attention is concentrated, reality is created.

This conviction imbues us body and soul and that is why we are committed to sharing the beauty that this world gives us every day.

Very often things are not done or changed simply because you are not aware of the alternatives or are not stimulated enough.

Often our thoughts are turned, consciously or unconsciously, to those dozens, hundreds of negative and pessimistic news that we are overwhelmed by every single day. All this creates stress which, in addition to having a negative impact on our body and our immune defenses, is as if it spreads a veil around our minds.

In these conditions it is no longer so easy to notice the possibilities that we will have to be able to change our life and the lives of others for the better.

La vita ci riempie di stupefacenti sorprese ma solo se siamo in grado di vederle.

In addition to a fantastic nature there are thousands of people who move every day to ensure that the earth and everything that populates it can exist and coexist in better conditions.

We want to highlight these news!

Besides, who wouldn’t want a better world somehow? Who wouldn’t want to leave their children or grandchildren a more peaceful and safe life? And maybe, going to sleep in the evening, looking in the mirror and being able to say “Even today I did something important for ME, for this land and for our and its future”.

Many get stuck because they would like to but don’t know how or have no idea what to do!

From time to time this excitement visits us, something deep inside us awakens, calls us, screams and tugs at us. Here we are, we are about to free ourselves, we have already lifted our foot from the ground to take that small and decisive step but … “Too trivial”, “Too difficult”, “I don’t have time”. The idea is re-milled into the many things that make up our day, and the conclusions, or excuses, are always more or less the same for everyone.


The moment passes it is true, but it leaves us with specks of dissatisfaction, sadness and disappointment that silently accumulate.

So what can you do?

Start by focusing your attention on news that can bring you happiness and hope, dedicate time to projects that you share, that are useful, and soon it will become clearer to you what really moves you.

If you like it you can start from here, you can share our work, our news, you can go in search of useful links to send us to give us the possibility to write new ones and, why not, you could do it or try to do it too!

This will not require you to make a commitment, and we could help each other research information, proofread and grow!

Focusing on this project could open doors within you and new avenues for your future.

Our aim is to create groups in various parts of the world to have an exchange of news and experiences that can inspire and give life to new projects.

Do what you love!

I’m not talking about a simple passion, about something that makes you feel good. I mean that thing that moves in your stomach every time you think about it or hear about it!

It doesn’t have to be a feeling of joy, it can also be a boil of blood in your veins, because often that’s where your life’s purpose is hiding.

Direct these energies on positive projects and you will find new happiness.

The world needs people who do what they love, what they were born to do! This makes them happy, and happy people have a desire to share their feelings with those around them.

Whether you are a teacher or your strength is making money it makes no difference, the exaltation you feel in giving your personal contribution following the purpose for which you were born has no comparison.

You decide to give yourself a good day

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